Our core values

As a professional Studio Kappa share a heritage of values ​​and cultural orientations.

We try to match actions and behaviors to these values ​​and in the relations between us and with the clients.

These values, expressed below, through keywords, are meaningful to us in the completeness of the synergies between them and are not employed by the meanings that express individually.

We present below the values ​​that guide our work and that we have a commitment to the people with whom we interact.


Reliability Reliability
To be reliable means for us to make sure that people feel that they can trust us to achieve the results that have been shared in the design and programming. It also means to fulfill its commitments and the words given.
Self-determination Self-determination
The orientation towards the promotion of self-determination of each person is at the center of our work. For our part, as professionals, we are also called to determine firsthand the Work Plan that we offer to our client, given the availability of resources that they are going to allow. It seems to us in our role as “technical” to define what is the way (scientific, methodological and operational) is most effective to achieve a satisfactory result contracted with the client during the exploration of needs.
Clarity Clarity
We try to make clear the gray areas, so that the agreements undertaken are then verified in order to reach results and the processes involved. Clarity is also an opportunity for us to be understandable and accessible to all, regardless of their level of education, social and cultural.
Community Community
We feel community among us and we work with tools, skills and different skills to promote a sense of community in organizational contexts and land where we operate. We are interested in food that “sentiment” common-oriented to building a better world for all.
Sharing Sharing
We consider it important to share knowledge, skills, experiments, experiences and everything that goes by the name of culture. We believe that ideas do not have copyright and the progress of the world is realized through the exchange of experiences. If someone “takes” some of our interventions, processes them and makes new synthesis, we do not feel “dispossessed”, but happy that someone has found challenging our contributions and has been able to go further with new syntheses.
Fairness Fairness
Among our keywords we reported the word “Transparency”, much in vogue in this period. We include it in the aspects that accept and qualify the word “fairness”. We feel we people “all of one piece.” We carry out with passion our professional activities. We are what you see.
Empowerment Empowerment
Is of particular importance to us, work for the promotion of empowerment among the people, as the personal and social ability to guide and impact in local and organizational contexts in which they express their life. We promote authoritative relations between us and those we meet.
Emancipation Emancipation
Probably the term “Emancipation” is a bit ‘”retro” or obsolete. We promote the emancipation’s processes into a state of autonomy and independence. For our part, we are happy to don’t have gray areas or particular adhesions against the ruling classes of the various organized systems. We are contacted by clients who have seen in our actions and considered useful the skills and expertise we carry with us. It is not our style search “influential” contacts.
Entrepreneurial spirit Entrepreneurial spirit
We are professionals aware of being included in a global market, in which the different people construct for themselves the activities that they realize without delegating to others, and without waiting for something to happen by itself.
Informality Informality
We believe in the truth of human relationships that develop in vital contexts of people. We want to be “accessible”, that is, we think it is qualifying the fact that we can be both serious and prepared professionals, as simple people and “at hand”.
Working for results Working for results
We are results-oriented that We negotiate with our partners and our customers. To be results-oriented, means to us, to ensure the achievement of agreements, and assuming the risk of the unexpected and directing the “product” expected all the actions that we plan and realize during surgery. There are many ways that we can take to reach the goal. We define priority the achievement of the goal and we take responsibility to define the way that we assess more useful.
Liberation Liberation
We work for the liberation of the people that we meet professionally, whether they are citizens, professionals, organizations, or local contexts. This approach leads us to let people operating tools, which are useful to guide and qualify their contribution within the context in which they live. It is not part of our approach is to have the tools of customers “loyalty”. Our clients can request an intervention today and then to be able to continue independently with the skills that we have built.
Network Network
We are very interested to network, share resources, skills, knowledge and projects. We believe that this approach can be achieved even with individuals who identify with values ​​different from our own, as long as you define common goals to aim at, while respecting the specific professional and organizational identity. The network’s idea recognize us all as individuals partners. We qualifying able to include relevant actors in the interventions that we make.
Participation Participation
We think then participation, not as a representation, but as a responsibility of management and governance choices. We are interested in providing training contexts in which participants can contribute to the discovery of the contributions that are being explored. We try to be selective with respect to meetings in which we participate and devote our time to those in which our contribution helps to guide decisions that are taken. For us, “Participation” and “Responsibility” are synonymous.
Partnership Partnership
Between us, with organizations with whom we are network and with our clients we deal with an approach based on partnership. In relation to our clients, for example, we feel partners that converge towards negotiated results and that allocate different resources (scientific or economic) assuming shared responsibilities.
Power Power (from Latin language “possum”)
The territorial and organizational dynamics and processes can not be separated from issues related to the power, that is the ability to express their own vital impulses. We recognize each his own power in the orientation the process in which he participates. We like that in our interventions the people can find full citizenship. Our “possum” we manage governing the process of the interventions and orientating to the outcomes, capitalizing on the contributions of all.
Expertise Expertise
The “expertise” for us is made ​​up of simple and concrete things: respect for the commitments, on-time appointments, timely response to requests, the participatory planning of interventions, the scientific and methodological rigor, attention to the times of other.
Reciprocity Reciprocity
We build our professional and commercial relationship with attention to feed and sustain interest and mutual benefits, while respecting the different organizational mission and structures. We always feel partners and we always relate as if we were dealing with a partner, even when it is our customer.
Responsability Responsability (from Latin language “res sponsor”)
The “Responsibility” is not an empty word for us. It’s a reference that calls us to build our human relationships first so you can look straight into the eyes of our interlocutor. We care that our behavior, our approach to work is our calling card. We also think that it’s important to recognize their responsibilities to each. Everything our intervention has a member in the our organization that assumes with full responsibility for the achievement of results against the customer and the people participating in the work.
Research Research
The approach that we use in every meeting refers to the methodology of Research Training. We imagine that the leadership can also be expressed in a way that is similar to that of the researcher, able to explore and bring out skills, specificity, impulses and passions in people who are around.
System System
We know how the system context tent homeostasis and how mant it may affect the human and community’s processes of the people that you refer. We also think, however, that the actors of the system can, together, influence flows and functionings. So we tend to read the dynamics and to plan the interventions on a ladder system, surpassing the contribution of one on one. Even when working with individuals (whether professionals, managers or citizens), we realize our intervention with a view given to changes in the system, as an engine for the changes of the “inhabitants” of the same.