Work with us

For the selection of professionals that work with our organization, we make a short collective training (free) to which we invite the people who have signaled their interest in working with us.
This training and selection is divided into two sessions, generally in the morning and takes place twice a year, at one of the operational office of the organization.
The two “windows” in the year in which we realize that training are:
1. April to June
2. October to December

The course is divided in two steps:
a. The operations and organizational structure of our organization
b. The approach, philosophy, values ​​and style of our organization

The meetings are characterized by the active participation of those present and there is not a presence as an observer.

Studio Kappa don’t assume and will not take even for their personal future in dependent form, as can be understood from the page of our core values​​.

We ask that you don’t send Curriculum Vitae, but rather to report an interest in taking part in the course, where you will have the opportunity to represent their work.

We will arrange for an early invitation to that path, so as to enable those who are interested in working with us to organize your schedule of events in order to be present.

It is envisaged the possibility to take part in only one of this meetings.
The path is not free, but is subject to our specific invite. If come professionals that have not been expressly invited by our office, not out of kindness will exclude them from the path, but we will not evaluating our interest to welcome a group of professionals in our organization.

To report your interest in work or collaborate with Studio Kappa click here.