Research – Training

Studio Kappa‘s professionals working in the field of education and trainig aimed at public authorities, businesses and third sector.
Studio Kappa plans and produces moments of training on request of such organizations.
The trainings are planned in a participated way with clients and recipients thereof.

Candida Leso engaged in a training

This for several reasons:
1) offer a purpose-built training event that meets the specific needs of the reality in which the recipients operate;
2) recognize the dignity and citizenship, in the training event, the recipients of the same from the first moment of the planning;
3) facilitate the active, motivated, informed and critical participation to the training’s recipients-partners.

The main areas of training

The training’s areas in which Studio Kappa values ​​greater responsibilities of different professionals are:

 Area Psycho-Social and Organizational
 Area Socio-Educational
 Area Anthropological and Cultural
 Area Historical-archaeological

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Methods of work

The training carried out by Studio Kappa‘s professionals is characterized by a high level of democracy and participation of all stakeholders in the same. All trainings are characterized by the use of methodologies active.

Training events to register

Every year Studio Kappa is organizing a series of training events on various topics aimed at individual workers and professionals.

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