The advice is the most significant work of Studio Kappa. The consultative approach is transversal to any activity which is carried out.

The management, coordination, supervision and evaluation of an intervention or project will be realized through a consultative mode type.

This mode allows the customer to retain governance of the process on which consultation is required. The consultant does not completely replace the customer taking charge of the management process, but he support him acknowledging the ownership of the governance process.

Simone Deflorian in a consulting

In the training, the consultative approach lead to privilege those methodologies that leave in the middle of the training process the training participants. For this reason, professionals of Studio Kappa use methods to active participation.

The rationale behind this approach is empowerment, which is granted full citizenship and full decision-making power to those people whose advice is given.

The types of consultations that customers ask to our professionals are:

 Psycho Social and Organizational Processes Consulting

 Psycho Educational and Mediation Consulting

 Psycho Social Care Consulting

 Anthropological Historical Consulting