How we work

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First telephone contact
During the first contact by telephone or mail, our secretariat takes note of the request received, and identifies the professional that for competence or territoriality can define a first analysis of the situation and the resources available.
At our office you have to communicate::
 the telephone number to which to be called;
 the request in terms of expected changes or problems identified.
In our workgroups we will evaluate which professional is best placed to take responsibility to take care of the demand analysis and then carrying out the direction of the works.

Meetings with the client
After a few days, one of the professionals will contact you by telephone at the number left and will agree the dates for two meetings.

First meeting
The first meeting has as its purpose:
 to define and to focus the demand and your or of your organization request;
 to negotiate the expected results;
 to map the resources (financial, professional and instrumental), which aims to make available.
In the period after that first meeting, we will evaluate:
 the adequacy of the resources available with the expected results, with the possibility of a reformulation and an adaptation compatible with the situation in issue;
 the adequacy of the skills available in our professional’s group, with the necessary intervention;
 our interest to the intervention with your organization.

Second meeting
In the second meeting, the professional of our organization:
 clearly indicates the name of the professional who will be responsible for the direction of the work, as responsible for the intervention;
 presents the Work Plan that will be put in place to achieve the results contracted;
 presents the budget needed to support the intervention;
 puts at your disposal for any probing questions or renegotiation of the results, in relation to the resources available.

Our estimate is valid for 30 days. If you or your organization don’t formalize the assignment within that period, the same estimate may change.

Meeting of Restitution and Final Report
Made the Work Plan and completion of the work is organized with you and at your office/place a Meeting of Restitution to the delivery of the Final Report on intervention descriptive created, an opportunity for comparison and evaluation.
If you or your organization is not interested to the return of the Final Report, it is necessary to know that our budget will include in any case the cost for that work, which will still be made ​​and filed in our office, so you can request it at any time.
The properties of the Final Report is in the hands of all those who took part in the intervention, which can make use of, with reference to the provisions of the law. Intellectual and scientific property of document remains at Studio Kappa.

Done this Meeting of Restitution, is prepared and sent by our secretariat the invoice, which is valid for 30 days.
If the invoice was not paid within 30 days, is charged a penalty equal to 10% per month of delay in payment.

Il fatto di attribuire con chiarezza la responsabilità dell’intervento ad uno dei nostri professionisti e di indicarla in fase di start up del lavoro è per noi segno di correttezza, trasparenza e serietà nei confronti suoi e della sua organizzazione.
Il professionista che si occupa della direzione dei lavori si assume in prima persona la responsabilità in ogni sede
The fact of attaching a clear responsibility of the intervention to one of our professionals and indicate in the start up phase of the work is for us a sign of fairness, transparency and seriousness towards him and his organization.
The professional who deals with the management of the works in person assumes responsibility at each location.

To request assistance of our professionals click here.

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